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As a mortgage broker, I suggest providing a financial package with the contract to support the offer Welcome to my first installment of my regular segment called ... SHORT SALE - Horror Stories I recently wrote an article: Ban All Short Sales , in which I suggested we start a petition to Ban Shor...
Great Investing Rules - simple and straight forward Each day, I am reading about and speaking with industry experts, real estate agents, and Real Estate investors who are starting to get excited about buying real estate across the country and here in Metro Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fo...
Great Post by James Wexler Sub-prime lending and easy credit are widely considered the primary factors that caused the expansion of the housing bubble and the expansion of housing prices that led to the ultimate implosion of the real estate economy. However, ....what are the reasons that caused t...
The election is only days away. Please Read the 2 opposing opionions. John McCain or Barak Obama ??  I am from AZ, so by default, a McCain Supporter. However, the economic crisis is not a political issue. This is a national security issue and something we all need to work towards. We desperately ...

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