Sphere of Influence Everyone that you know has to know what you do. Anytime they hear the words real estate, you want them to think of you. But don't count on them to remember, you have to drill it in their heads.  First, make a list of everyone you know. Friends, family, previous co-workers, pre...
          What is RESPA? This question has been asked to me a lot recently from people in my networking groups to consumers. So I figured there's probably other people who do not know what it is and thought this post would be helpful.          RESPA stands for (Real Estate Settlement Procedures A...
HOW DO YOU STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!!! It doesn't matter if you are a new agent or a twenty-year pro. If you don't market yourself you will go broke. And if you market yourself in the wrong way you won't get any results and you'll still go broke. A company goes bankrupt when it stops advertising...
The eight largest mortgage lenders, as measured by total volume in the first nine months of 2008, reported declines in originations from a year earlier. In the third quarter, total mortgage originations fell to $300 billion, down nearly 50% from a year earlier and a 33% drop from this year's seco...
The mortgage program is more straightforward. Beginning next week, the Fed will start buying $100 billion of debt issued by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the other government-sponsored enterprises. It also plans to buy up to $500 billion of mortgage-backed securities that these firms guarantee. Pr...
While there are limits to how low short-term interest rates can go, the Fed has shown recently that there are few constraints on how large its own balance sheet can become. Since late August, the value of assets held by the Fed has grown to more than $2 trillion from a little less than $900 billi...
I thought this was a very interesting article on about foreclosures and how Washington plans to make it easier to modify delinquent mortgages.
FR Elite Mortgage is more than just a great company to do business with, it is also a great company to work for!  FR Elite, a division of Financial Resources has been successful for over twenty years because of its people, systems and technology ... with the most important asset being the people...


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