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I just launched a real estate contact manager software product: Real Estate Client Mangement.  I'm looking for input on the product and will give you a free copy if you agree to actively review the product.  We want about 50 agents to participate and you can sign up at: www.RealEstateClientManage...
Thought it would be nice to continue with a few blogs on the handling different objections that we might run into.  This one deals with the seller who thinks their property is worth more than the market value (not that that would ever happen).  Add your thoughts on how to handle this or similar s...
Probably the most often heard objection is on the commission ... home sellers seem to always want us to cut it.  It is always good to have a few standard answers ... that make sense ... so, you can handle this objection.  Here's a couple I use (please add your own):1. Seller: Agent A will list ou...
I attended a SEO teleconference a few weeks ago where the presenter was discussing the demographics of who was using a particular search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL).His supositions were:People use browser based email for their personal email accounts.  And, that they will use the embedded se...
Well It snowed yesterday and the roads are a bit icy.  Guess ski season is almost upon us and we need to get our skis tuned up.  The Canyons and Park City Mountain will open on the 17th and 18th.Resorts have been busy creating snow.  But, not sure how good the base will be by then.


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