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If you're in trouble with your mortgage, you're probably aware of it, but it's likely that you're not doing much to make it better. Some repress or ignore that they cannot meet their monthly mortgage obligation. Others agonize and worry to the point of depression. The truth is that doing nothing ...
  Let's remember why we celebrate Memorial Day - we celebrate our patriots who sware allegiance to the United States Flag!     I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG,OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ,  AND TO THE REPUBLIC, FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY  AND JUSTICE ...
  We all said Carter was the worst President ever - and he was elected because America wanted change then as well - when will we ever learn?   Now over 5 weeks since the BP oil platform explosion in the Gulf, BP seems little closer to solving the leak than it was when it occurred. Today they bega...
  Obama has not understood that America does not agree with him regarding drilling for oil - that Drill Baby Drill remark was a slap in the face to all Americans who want America to be free from foreign oil. How about drilling in ANWR Mr. President?   Did you hear Obama's news conference earlier ...
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Keep blogging out there - there are great rewards to those who continue to put out good posts - Thank you to everyone who has helped build ActiveRain into the network it is today. In our continued effort to reward our members who have spent time, energy and heart growing our network and contribu...
Funny and sad but true - how can anyone sign a bill into law without reading it? Yet we see our Congress and President doing the very same thing? To get most any job in this country, a person has to know how to read. The key is not only knowing "how" to read but actually demonstrating that you "...
Banks are not lending money - the administration needs to hold lenders feet to the fire. And nothing gets done - According to David Stevens, head of FHA, the U. S. housing market is on life support. In an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, Stevens is quoted as saying: “This is a market purely on...
"[If government have] a right of demanding ad libitum and of taxing us themselves to the full amount of their demand if we do not comply with it, [this would leave] us without anything we can call property."   - Thomas Jefferson   Can anyone tell of the brilliance of the meaning of this quotation...
What can I say - I am inspired, I am touched, I am blessed by this man. The testimony of this man will touch you - as it touched me. Everyone needs to hear what this man has to say. Gather your children together - watch it. I promise you will never be the same again - your children will never be ...


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