Chapter 2 in the documentary series by the Wall Street Journal on "The End of Wall Street". This chapter is titled: "Why it Happened".
The Wall Street Journal recently put together a short documentary walking us through the downfall of Wall Street and how the housing industry impacted the collapse of giants such as Bear Stearns. Here is the video:
Contrary to popular belief, purchasing an asset manager contact list to launch your REO business can be quite beneficial.  Recently, NFSTI began an intensive research study to better understand what it would take to get a licensed real estate agent launched successfully as an REO specialist.  The...
Yeah, I's a bold statement (referring to the title), but I truly believe it to be true and almost obvious.  If you take a good, hard look at the numbers, which speak larger volumes than anything else, it becomes clear that anyone in the REO biz will be hard at work this year.  Part of m...
As if things weren't messy enough, along comes Bernard Madoff.  The former head of the NASDAQ stock exchange and owner of Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities is facing 20 years in prison and $5 M in charges for violations pertaining his practices.  He is 70 years old. Some of the world's large...
Have you ever toyed with the thought of automating your Broker Price Opinions, but then pinch yourself because you're dreaming? It has always seemed that the idea of automating BPO's is a bad idea since we as real estate agents have been given this responsibility in order to put our personal, pr...
This January (2009) UniversalREO, aka NFSTI, will be continuing our 2-day REO course in the Las Vegas, NV region.  Over the past 2 years our courses have evolved from 4-hour info sessions with panel discussions to a full 2-day all-out course aimed at coaching agents on how to develop business and...
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My days as an REO trainer and business owner are filled with conceptualization, implementation, instruction, and a LOT of phone calls or emails.  A typical day consists of coming up with new material to add to our REO training courses or our online training.  There is a lot of technology involved...
Well, we're on the road.  After 2 years of business development and building our member base at NFSTI we're finally at a place where a national training circuit is feasible.  Earlier this month we went into Scottsdale, AZ, our first non-Colorado training course, to teach our 2-day A2Z1 course ("A...

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