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 Performing a one-person circus act while juggling marketing campaigns, on-location showings, scheduled inspections, and an inbox jam-packed with client inquiries? While seasoned agents have grown accustomed to these hectic workdays, budding real estate moguls may struggle to find their footing w...
When you find yourself up to your neck in bursting cardboard boxes and masking tape, opportunities to simmer in pre-move excitement are limited. Of course, the promise of brand-new (and sparkling clean) living spaces is appealing in more ways than one, but the stress of radical changes in your en...
Imagery is much more powerful than most of us are willing to admit. Everything we see and hear influences us in a million intricate ways. Suppose you drove up to a home. Would the way it appeared affect the way you perceived it? We think so. It seems as if the data supports the thought as well. ...
Increasing the value of your home is relatively straightforward. After all, value is in the eye of the beholder. As long as people are willing to pay more, you can sell for more. Ultimately, appearances can impact the value even more than practical features. So, take a critical look at your place...
The travails of trying to complete the sale on a property, of any type, are well known and frankly in the current economic climate that is so badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently living through, those efforts are only going to prove all the more cumbersome.  Attempting to sell...
Towards the end of 2019, the commercial real estate industry seemed in a very healthy position and all the indications were that 2020 would be a good year. Although the industry did have a heavy level of overall debt, the economy was relatively strong, GDP was growing and the Federal Reserve Bank...
Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau, Atlantic City, Reno… All these cities are famed across the globe for their casinos and resorts. Synonymous with gambling, there is no question that for these destinations, legalised gambling fuels the economy and brings many benefits to their local communities inclu...
 Many believe that the property industry is long-awaiting a fundamental shake-up in order to stimulate fresh innovation and create a more effective, productive market that better matches supply and demand. Certainly, there is a need for transactions to happen faster and for excess costs to be str...
Setting Up Your Home Budget: What Can I Afford?When it comes to setting up your home budget you may want to talk to a finance advisor. If you do not have the time or ability to discuss your budget with a professional then you need to use the basic rule of thumb with savings versus income. Whereve...

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