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  Twitter lists are a great way to organize people on Twitter. When you’re following 500+ people on Twitter, it gets a little messy! At that point, it’s very easy to lose track of people you have followed and more importantly, people you should be monitoring and following up with. I’m going to sh...
Simple yet powerful way to keep your name on the top of your family and friends' minds. #2 and #3 have been methods have worked for me :)Has this ever happened to you: you wanted to ask a close friend, family member or someone you've recently met if you could be their REALTOR... then stopped your...
Solid advice from Clint!Now, before we get into this...lets establish a quick and simple truth: Knowing what NOT to do is just as important when talking about sales as knowing what TO do. (Everyone comfortable with that statement? Ok…moving on…) I started out in my sales career by selling bobbins...
Ever felt you went through a whole week in a hamster wheel? I mean you got work done but there was a feeling that not that much was accomplished? That’s how I would define the first week of August. Yet, this week was one of the most productive for me in 2010. Let me explain: My weekly objectives...
  There are many opportunities to start conversations with your market on Twitter. To grow your business and to grow your presence online, you need ways to target more prospects online for your real estate business. Here are three ways to discover more leads and open the floor to your market: - M...


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