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I saw Jim Cramer the "Stock" expert speak about the real estate market, and I saw the response when they brought back Jim and our NAR representative.  First off, I should say that I can't stand Jim Cramer.  Don't shout at me - I can hear just fine, and if I want to learn something, I don't need i...
On 9/11/02, my husband and I placed small American flags in the front yards of 3,000 homes.  It was a good way for us to remember those who lost their lives, and to think about our military (we're in a big military area) and our country.  We actually had a young woman stop beside us in her car, r...
I guess I am doing a bit of venting before the Labor Day Weekend.  I was just doing my weekly follow-up to our Sellers, telling them about any activity on their home, any feedback from the showing agents, and general market conditions overall.  The Builders in our area are offering unbelievable i...
Global warming is no longer a speculative term, and in order to correct our environment, we all need to pitch in.  Remember, you eat an elephant a bite at a time, and if we all take little bites out of our carbon dioxide usage, we're bound to have an effect.  National Geographic Magazine's June i...
Our beautiful city has made another list.  There is a new book out called "1,000 Places to See in the U.S.A. and Canada Before You Die".  Yet another great reason to live here.  The book classifies Savannah as "a living museum", "America's best walking city", and "an urban masterpiece".  If you l...

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