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Nick Vanassche with Sea Glass Properties providing services to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico real estate markets.
How did you come aboutto end up at the brokeage or office that you did? Were you recruited and if so, how many offices contacted you before you made a decision. I never experienced brokers or office managers asking me to join up with them until I started showing results and getting my name out in...
Are you missing anything from this list? Online AdvertisingCraigslistLoopnetMLS (10,000+) agents as well as nationwide advertisingZillowZidahoPrint AdvertisingIdaho Press TribuneHomeSpotReal Estate BookHome Buyers Guide1-800-phone numberYou need to make sure you have every resource available. Mak...
If you were a builder would you sell?Here is the scenario:A local builder has 475+ homes for sale. He employs many people in the valley. There is an opportunity to sell 300-400 of these homes for 60-70% LTV. Thus resulting in over 30,000,000 dollars. I would like to approach him with an investor ...
I see many agents who use 1-800 numbers however I am curious as to whether or not they really work. If they do work, do you still put a flyer in the flyer box?If they don't work... why not? Is there any one company that you would recommend over another? Thanks for you input!Nick
Should I be working out of the office or at home?I here many different arguments as to whether working out of the office is the best way to go. However, many of our agents are based out of their homes. I personally feel that the office is where I need to be. However, sometimes I feel like it woul...
As I look to the future, I ask myself: Is it better to be a broker or an owner of a real estate company. Please let me know what you think and why! Also, if you have any personal experiences with either of these I'd love to hear about them!Enjoy your Thursday... 
This past weekend I was approached by a person who used to be a real estate agent. She heard through the grape-vine that my specialty is marketing properties. She previously had her license for quite some time and is firm on doing a FSBO. However, she would like help marketing her property throug...
I came across the other day and it seems to have the same features as  I have been using postlets for quite some time and I am trying to figure out if maybe I should be using realbird. So here is my question… is one better than the other and if so what do you think and ...
The market is slowing down and that brings up a big question:As a new agent, do I stand a chance in a slow market? If you are a new agent (1 year or less) what troubles have you encountered and how have you defeated them?Seasoned agents: what is your number one tip for new agents and their goal t...
How should I enter my blog tags for search results???I can't figure out whether it is better for search results to have many different Meta Tags on my blogs or just focus on the same words over and over again. I figured out there are about 20 words that can be posted. I could post those same word...

Nick Van Assche

Owner/Broker of Sea Glass Properties
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smartphone(340) 998-7023
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Caribbean Real Estate - Sea Glass Properties serving the US Virgin Islands: (St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island) and Puerto Rico (San Juan, Guaynabo, Dorado, Culebra, Vieques). Embark with Nick Vanassche as he works to transform Sea Glass Properties into a leading Caribbean Real Estate agency.