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Nick Vanassche with Sea Glass Properties providing services to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico real estate markets.
I am currently working on offering property management as one of my services. However, while I have carved out a niche for online marketing for real estate, as well as been able to find many real estate resources, I am relatively unfamiliar with Property Management. So, I come to you!First and fo...
Is it true that IF I have time and can remain focus, THEN success will follow? This week I plan to come out of the gate full speed ahead! I plan to do everything that I can to stay focused. I will be patient and take time to complete my projects to the fullest. Finally, I know that success is som...
I want to help my office. I want to help everyone in the office and at least bring us up to the STANDARD technology level. My broker does not use a computerOur secretary is using windows2000We just now got a fax/scanner/copierOur online marketing costs of.... MEIs anyone else experiencing this???...
Ride the Internet Wave!!I have been on ActiveRain for 33 Days and I am now the 2nd Featured Agent for my County and City. 33 Days and 15,000 points later and I can honestly say I have already seen results!33 Days and 350+ Comments later; I want to Thank You for supporting me. 33 Days and Years to...
Yesterday I posted a blog about's free resources and the benefits of the site:-- Point 2 Homes Blog I have purchased a few neighborhoods that I want to focus on: Towns:MiddletonStarCascadeMcCallGarden CityNeighborhoods:Kurtz AdditionYale ParkFall River EstatesRoyal Meadows Carriag...
Have any of you had success with being a neighborhood expert on point2homes?I recently took a really large risk and spent some money to become a neighborhood expert. I figured this would help me ten fold. I will be forced to take the time to set up each neighborhood information page. I will be ba...
I have been doing a substantial amount of research on lead generation. Time and time again I come across posts and website indicating that the best way to generate leads is to become a specialist. Where do I start though? Should I begin with an area or neighborhood? Or do I stand out as my towns ...
:) Honestly, I really wanted to start off my Tuesday on a positive note. These past couple weeks have been a roller coaster ride and I never know how my day will begin. So, instead of letting whatever happens happens, I decided to say "this is it, I will make today I great day!"I hope you too hav...
What are people doing to get a featured post?I see so many people on here getting featured posts, and once upon a time I too had one. However, I had absolutely no idea how or why my post was featured. Are there certain criteria? Any tips or ideas on how this happens would be greatly appreciated!T...
No seriously: this blog was created specifically for naming available free resources from the internet. What free resources have you found most useful?As new ones are added I will add them to this list. I guess we could call this a:Give a free resource / take a free resource.I will start. Craigsl...

Nick Van Assche

Owner/Broker of Sea Glass Properties
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Caribbean Real Estate - Sea Glass Properties serving the US Virgin Islands: (St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island) and Puerto Rico (San Juan, Guaynabo, Dorado, Culebra, Vieques). Embark with Nick Vanassche as he works to transform Sea Glass Properties into a leading Caribbean Real Estate agency.