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    West Loop Chicago Real Estate Agent – Nicholas Conteduca Tips for Listing Your Home                                 If you are debating putting your condo or house on the market, there are a few simple steps you should consider prior to doing so.  Your goal is to sell your home at its highest...
  Will my home pass an FHA appraisal? What do Appraisers Look for during an FHA Appraisal? – Tips on passing for FHA Financing.   I frequently come across lenders, agents, and home owners that ask me what appraisers look for during an FHA Inspection and what specific items would pass. In this pos...
Homes Near The Google Building In Chicago’s West Loop – 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Now!   If you haven’t heard by now,  Google is calling Chicago’s Fulton Market district in the West loop their soon be home of their brand new 200,000 square foot office building. Since construction began last y...
    3 WAYS TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR HOME       If you are looking to make some improvements to your home in order to increase the value, this article will give you some insight. I am constantly coming across homeowners complaining about an appraiser not giving value to some upgrades they have recentl...
“My Agent wants to list my house too low. I think it’s worth more”   Are you selling your house? Do you think your house is worth a lot more than what your agent is telling you?  If this is the case, you should stop and do some research before you jump to conclusions and possibly fire them.   He...
Top 6 ways to determine the value of your home on your own     If you ever are wondering what your home is worth and you don’t have the time nor money to contact a local appraiser or agent like myself, then look at my tips for some assistance.   How are homes valued?   Homes are valued based off ...
  What is the correct way to measure your home?   For Detached Homes : First you will need to get some tools in order to measure.  You can either purchase a laser (Disto is the best brand) or a walking measuring stick.  The correct way to  measure is from the EXTERIOR of the home.  You will start...

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