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Some might argue that this is a foolish question given the state of the economy the last 4 years. But a conversation I had this morning with a local resident made me rethink why you would want to know if Seal Beach home values had declined. This particular conversation arose because the owner was...
Real estate often gets treated like a commodity with all the new fangled web sites that buyers have access to. So it's rare when I get to showcase a Seal Beach home for sale that's not yet listed in the MLS or any other website for that matter. Just yesterday I met with the owners of 107 Ocean av...
When I'm not busy running my Seal Beach Real Estate business, I like to take my long board out and paddle between the pier and jetty for exercise. Normally this is early in the morning before my day gets started and the ocean is still relatively calm. Recently I've noticed an abundance of marine ...
A simple (and guilty) pleasure of mine is breaking free from the confines of my office and walking down to Bogart's in Seal Beach and enjoy a cup of coffee with a view. Bogarts serves organically grown coffee, fresh pastries and hand made crepes (my favorite is the turkey, tomato and cheese crepe...
It goes without saying that Seal Beach Foreclosures have been nearly non-existent... until now. Just last week 111 4th Street in Seal Beach was offered by Option One Mortgage after they took it back as an REO on June 30, 2010. As you might imagine, Seal Beach Foreclosures are a rare occurrence wh...
I recently began writing an ebook to offer on my website about the top 10 things to do when you visit town, and ended up discovering Seal Beach all over again. It happened by accident as I was getting suggestions from friends on Facebook for the top destinations to incude. Looking at the list, it...
Living in Seal Beach nearly 35 years, I've seen my share of animals come out of the ocean. During the summer months surf fishing becomes a popular activity on the east side (commonly referred to as the south side) of the Seal Beach pier. This week delivered a bat ray (not to be confused with a st...
Summer time in Seal Beach, how do you chose to spend it? Summer in Seal Beach to me means enjoying being out doors wether it's at the beach by my house, or having a lunch meeting on the patio of Crema Cafe on Main St. My Wife and I also enjoy regular walks on the beach in the afternoons and dropp...
Although I've lived in town nearly 35 years, my Wife and I just started attending the Seal Beach Summer Conert Series last year. We enjoyed the warm evenings sitting with friends, taking in the sounds of summer and being treated to a spectacular sunset every Wednesday. As happens with most well k...
Being such a small town, it's hard to believe there is still undeveloped Seal Beach real estate. Yet as you drive slowly and methodically through Old Town, you'll still find a few of these hidden gems awaiting a custom beach home. Interestingly most of these lots previously had homes on them that...


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