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This blog is the research posting medium for Naples Realty / OneSOURCE's VP of Business Development & Alliances, Brandon A Sciuto, P.A. and the mortgage banking consulting firm, Mitigation Resolve, LLC. The ideas and latest guidelines shared here are from several experienced banking consultants, REALTOR, CDPE, SFR, as well as the man himself, Brandon Anthony Sciuto. Sciuto is a leader in the loss mitigation / short sale / real estate / mortgage lending industries. As listing agent, BROKER SCIUTO effectuated over 250+ short sales over the last 3-4 years alone. In his spare time, Mr. Sciuto has enjoyed helping thousands of other homeowners figure out their best work-out option by leading Mitigation Resolve, LLC...a mortgage banking consulting firm that he oversees. Mitigation Resolve, LLC has 20+ loss mitigation negotiators working under the watchful eye of Mr. Sciuto.
Mortgage Backed Securities & Credit Default Swaps   There are three (3) main types of MBS that exist in the marketplace today:   Mortgage Pass Through’s  Stripped Mortgage Backed Securities  Collateralized Mortgage Obligations   The Process...if you can call it that.   Most people just view a mor...
“A short sale is when you sell your house for less than what you owe on your mortgage. The bank agrees to accept the money you sell your house for―even though the amount is less than what is owed―and still consider your mortgage (or a portion) as paid off.” Some benefits of a short sale include: ...
Short Sale Cover Letter   (Lender)  (Attn: Loss Mitigation Dept.)  (Re: Seller Name)  (Account Number) 123 Sunshine Ave Homeloan-Land, US 12345 RE: Property Address, City, ST ZIP    Please accept the following information along with the complete short sale package that follows.  This particular p...
Short Sale Guidelines for BOA Short Sale in Naples, FL I just wanted to share these Bank of America (BOA) guidelines with everyone out there since it’s rare to have a negotiator supply the investors specific guidelines right from the book!  They were copied and pasted right from the investors gui...
Short Sales & My FICO Score The TRUTH is - Lenders are inclined to agree to a short sale if a short sale results in less loss to the lender as compared to is ALL based on MONEY!  The advantages of a short sale to the borrower include avoiding a foreclosure which would be reported...
Tax implications in a short sale   The Economic Stabilization Act extends the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act to 2012, but it was extended during the fiscal cliff negotiation until December 31, 2013. Up to $2 million forgiven debt of a taxpayer’s principal residence is exempt from taxation d...
The Short sale is a foreclosure alternative which provides an outstanding opportunity for the lender, the borrower/seller, and a prospective purchaser to mitigate damages.  Unfortunately, in today’s troubled real estate marketplace, the short sale process is one fraught with a substantial amount ...

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