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Pawnbrokers have a reputation like a used car sales man or some folks might say a real estate agent.  In my other life (prior to a licensed real estate agent in Central Virginia Lynchburg area) I was a pawnbroker.  Yep a woman pawn broker.  I had many customers that thought they could take advant...
When we first bought our home on Myrtle Lane in Altavista I had no intention of living in it. Due to the market changing we ended up moving in, in May of 2007. By then we had done over $100,000 in renovations on the property and actually I started liking the area. So many people have asked "Where...
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This is so me.  I think this is so funny!  I love to share when funny things happen and especially when I do funny things usually by accident.  I just love to laugh even at myself! Yesterday I dropped by the grocery store before going home to fix some supper.  Of course I was talking on the cell ...
This afternoon I have an appointment with a seller.  This is a listing that has had little activity in the past two weeks.  Okay, no activity in two weeks.  There are structural issues of which I was not aware of when I first took the listing.  (Note to self- Look closer next time). The air condi...
Some folks are fans of the FOX Channel.  I can't say I'm a real "fan" as I am not a T.V. watcher.  But, I do watch it as my loving husband is a fan.  So only by association am I a fan.  Now you can decide what you want about me based on my T.V. preferences if you choose. However, when it comes to...
It is a little complicated.   Water rights in the eastern half of the country are normally divvied up based on what is known as riparian rights.  Riparian rights means that the owner has the right to a reasonable amount of water that flows next to or through their land. In a land grant from the B...
Those of you who know me well, also know it is not likely that my mother would take offense to the title of this blog.  Mothers out there who do, it is just a cliche.  Nothing is meant to be personal.  If it does feel like a personal attack then maybe there is something for you to take a look at....
Ever buy a pair of jeans on line only to find that when they arrived they did not fit properly.  It is not easy to shop on line.  Nor is it easy to shop on line for a new home.  I understand lots of folks are searching for information and getting a wealth of an education about home selling and pu...
I am not nearly as healthy as I ought to be but I make sure I eat right.  I think this is a big proponent of continued success.  How long can an automobile continue to go down the road without fuel.  Our bodies are the same way.  This is not an original thought.  However, it is easy for me to sli...

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