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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Broadpoint Properties - Cal BRE #01324959
Everyone wants to close the next sale, have another offer accepted, and earn a commission. But, often times, there are hurdles or obstacles that get in the way of a quick and efficient closing. In fact, I’d say that more than half the transactions that I’ve been a part of have had at least one ch...
It’s the new year, and I’m probably already going to break one of my resolutions. Each year I resolve to be kinder and more tolerant of others. I’m sorry, but that is often difficult for me as it is for many in the real estate industry.Story timeAbout 6 weeks ago, my husband (maybe you’ve read ab...
Friends, I’m sorry to report that with the New Year, not only come the resolutions and the new goals, but also comes the time to begin preparing your tax return. For the real estate agent, this is not always an easy task—unless you have a really good system in place. Since most real estate pros a...
With 2017 just a few days away, it’s time to hop to it and get to work to see a successful year. People often don’t realize how much real work is required behind the scenes in order to see more than just a few real estate closings throughout the year. In addition to honing your sales and negotia...
Do you ever get to the end of your business day, look at the clock, and wonder where the day has gone? Today, as I write this, it is high noon, and I had planned to get down to business about three hours ago. Where has the time gone? Between taking a few calls, paying a few bills, and solving a f...
While the general public may believe that anyone with a luxury car or a designer handbag can sell a home, unfortunately it’s just not that easy. To effectively identify consumers who are ready, willing, and able to buy or sell involves a great deal of skill—not only in putting together a transac...
With Thanksgiving upon us, there seems to be no better time to reflect on the year, on what you have, and on how to be a better you in 2017.It’s also a great time to express thanks and gratitude, not only for what we have but also for those that support us and who have helped us to be successful ...
As a real estate broker and also the CEO of two companies that provide services to agents, I oversee a lot of transactions—probably between 800 and 1000 per year. And, sometimes I see things that could easily be managed differently and the result would be a much more positive outcome. It’s true ...
I’m not exactly sure why the world believes that selling real estate is a glamorous job. It’s true that many agents have fancy cars and some attend wine and cheese parties and tour beautiful luxury homes. However, there is a lot more to real estate than just topping off with a glass of merlot.Set...
Well , it seems like I haven't done a reblog in about 5 years and I barely remember how to do it and I wanted to change the title, but couldn't quite get that going either. Thanks so much to Lynn B. Friedman for writing this original post a few weeks back.5 Days LeftThe news of the week is that t...

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