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Up until recently, the Superbowl was the holy grail of advertising with companies lining to to spend millions of dollars for a 30 second commercial to promote their brand. I say up until recently, meaning the trend may have changed today.  Pepsi a staple in Superbowl marketing with its clever co...
The times are a changing! I remember the days when I would leave a voicemail for a Realtor and get no response.  I remember the days when a Realtor would tell me they work with XYZ title because "their Rep is Hot!" (I still laugh at that one by the way.....) The times are changing, Realtors are ...
Normally I mind my own business when it comes to the mainstream media, you know the CNN's,(Constantly Negative News)  NBC, CBS, etc, but this is rediculous.  Today I read an article by Fortune magazine forecasting the housing prices for 2010 and 2011.  What a crock of s^%@&! By now Im sure we al...
Did you catch what happened yesterday with our dear friend Google? Yesterday while most of us mere mortals were sleeping, Google introduced their new "latest search results".  A few months ago I sent you a blog post called Soooo you dont use Twitter? Awesome! Atleast for your competion where I ou...
Well its that time of year again to celebrate the holidays.  If you are like me you are no doubt looking for things to do with the family.  MyTitleGuy to the rescue!  Here is a JPEG and contact information for local Phoenix Metro area events.  I have this in a PDF as well. Please contact me throu...
Social media this, social media that, everyone is talking about Social Media!  Google announced last week that "Twitter" is the fastest growing search for 2009, what does that mean? It means social media is here to stay.  Since its here to stay, you would be better served to embrace it than resis...
Originally posted by Catherine Reagor, Real Estate Reporter for The Arizona Republic Short sales may be a new best option for Valley homeowners struggling to avoid foreclosure. Home-loan modifications, endorsed by the federal government, are most borrowers' first choice when they fall behind on t...

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