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Everyone is talking about social media this, social media that.  Social media is great if its actually used and there is a system attached to keep you focused.  Quick Social Media example.  The AMAZING movie 2012.  I say AMAZING because if you google it you will see that the mainstream media says...
  Lets face it Short Sales are here to stay! Atleast for another 7 years or so.  So, what is a title company to do? Well if you work for one of the most progressive and forward thinking title companies as I do, you get involved and provide value to the sellers and the Realtors.  It is with this i...
  "For most of us, an average day is filled with phatic communication and we never even notice it. In fact, spending even 1 day without any form of phatic communication would probably seem very foreign and unnatural. Imagine spending an entire day without making small talk with your family, answ...
  It is with great excitement (and relief) that I have the pleasure of announcing Security Title's new Short Sale Origination Service or SOS an we call it. What is SOS? Great question!  SOS is Security Title's new program to assist agents with Short Sale Origination.  So, here is what we promise:...
  Facebook does it again!  Made things a little easier I mean.  Ok, everyone and their mother now has a facebook page (literally.....My mom has one too!) While most people understand the value of a facebook page for their personal lives, less understood the value of a facebook fanpage.  What is ...
I couldnt have said it better myself....just do it!Making the Most of ActiveRain: A 6-Part Series for Newbies (Part 1) Just Do It! Yes - Nike coined it, but I'm repeating it. The very first thing you need to learn about blogging on ActiveRain is that you just need to get started. Yes, it will be ...
  What's that rumbleing you ask? If you live in California it may be an earthquake, anywhere else its likely to be the excitement or dissapointment (depending on your view) that the first time home buyer credit looks like it will be extended, (with a twist of course). if signed into law, it will...
We have heard about it many times, getting back to basics.  The basics being contacting your database, feeding it, adding to it and touching it regularly. While I work in the title industry, there is absolutely no difference between what I do as a marketing representative for Security Title and ...

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