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I am a retired Greater Sacramento Realtor. My career spanned 40 years beginning in 1981, and ending in 2021. MY INTERESTS & HOBBIES: In addition to family activities, I am active in a Sacramento history group, and a local Sacramento area genealogy group. I actively research several family names. I also have a special love of cooking. For several years, I worked at an international software development company, which was represented by people from all over the globe. During that time, I was fortunate enough to learn special recipes from a number of them. They include, Indian, Caribbean, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Romanian, Hungarian, Irish, and Carolina "Low Country" recipes. I have developed a special interest in mixing certain recipes from varying ethnic groups to create unique recipes and combinations not usually seen. Another of my favorite pastimes is gardening. And, I often find myself spending hours in my garden, and wondering where time has gone! I am interested in photography and cameras. This interest began as a child, and has remained and was perpetuated in my Real Estate career, family activities, and travel. Last but not least, I enjoy travel - both foreign and domestic.
Sacramento County experienced a -37.5% decrease in number of homes listed FOR SALE in November 2019 vs. the same month a year ago.  For the same period there was a -9.8% decrease in the percentage of homes SOLD.  Pending sales increased 17.9%  Interest rates continue to remain reasonably low. It'...
When Carol Williams and Anna Kruchten first announced their December Challenge that we write about Our Craziest Transaction, one transaction quickly came to mind. It was early in my career in 1981, when a fellow agent sitting across the aisle from me, suggested that I list her neighbor’s house. I...
In a comment posted by Roy Kelley , he mentioned it was time for me to repost this recipe I shared several years ago.  I had all but forgotten it. Sacramento has been experiencing several days of rainstorms.  Current weather conditions turns thoughts to comfort foods.  Meatballs in Beer Sauce, so...
It's been unusually quiet around my house this weekend. I've been like a toad enduring a Tryptophan overdose. Thanksgiving at my house this year was a smaller gathering than hoped for. Snow storms in the Sierra Nevadas kept family members in Reno from venturing home for the holiday. But, there's ...
Because there are so many wonderful places to visit within a couple hours of home, I often feel blessed to be living in Sacramento. I reside within 100 miles of San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Napa Wine Country and California Gold Country, just to name a few! However, I am convinced I was born under a...
Sacramento is experiencing an unusually warm autumn.  We had no rain in October, nor has there been any thus far in November.  While I worry somewhat that we may be headed back into drought, I have been enjoying the beautiful blue skies, and consistent daytime temperatures in the mid seventies.De...
Only rarely do I publish a post unaccompanied with a photo or graphic of some sort. That’s especially true if I've been to a delightful restaurant reknown for great food and ambiance. Add in, great company, and the rarity becomes rarer still. But, that's what happened today while I enjoyed lunch ...
Today in honor of our veterans, many folks are enjoying a day off from work! In America today, only an estimated 1% serve in our military. It gives reason to pause and be grateful for those who serve, and have served, our country so we may remain free! In my own family ancestry there have been th...
Sacramento County experienced a -34.4% decrease in number of homes listed FOR SALE in October 2019 vs. the same month a year ago.  For the same period there was a 1.5% increase in the percentage of homes SOLD.  Pending sales increased 10.7%   Interest rates continue to remain reasonably low. It's...
Without devoting special words about the blessings my children are, there is no way I can get through the "2019 Thankfulness Challenge" that Debe Maxwell has presented.  Each of my four children has unique interesting personalities.  But, they all have artistic and/or musical creativity shining t...

Myrl Jeffcoat

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