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They say the cold weather is nearly upon us - as we say goodbye to the short-wearing warm weather days of grilling, smoking (meats, that is), and BBQ-ing, I wanted to share some pretty cool BBQs and Smokers with you all. Now, by no means is my own personal grill anywhere NEAR as cool as these (in...
How many of us are celebrating Halloween this year? On top of that, how many of us are dressing in costume @ the office today?! Here's a history of Halloween for you, from LandAmerica: HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN Over 2000 years ago, the Celts celebrated the beginning of their new year on November 1 wit...
There's a lot of hullabaloo in the startup world today about the recent ruling by the US Court of Appeals about Business Method Patents. On the surface, it would seem that the 1300+ Business Method Patents registered in the US last year are, as of today, INVALID. I haven't yet seen the research o...
Recently I was asked by an agent just how often successful agents blogged. I was about to reply when something crossed my mind: personally, I know of many agents that blog a minimum of 1 blog post per day - however, if youy count the totality of the 'new media' posts by the top bloggers in our in...
As I travel and visit with Real Estate professionals I often ask them what they feel is important for them in specific industries. In the Title business, for example, there seem to be far too many companies in existence that focus on their own beliefs about what the industry and the customer want...
Just wanted to put in a NON-POLITICAL plug for early voting here. GET OUT AND VOTE! And if you are so inclined, I highly recommend early voting if it is available in your local area. My own experience was fantastic - no lines, no crowds, no rush, no bad weather, no drunks (always nice), no parkin...
I'm working on a project to bring more BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) to qualified Agents, Brokers, and Appraisers in multiple states. This is born out of the request of some of my clients (in my vast referral network) and I believe I have found some good sources for them. If you have specific sour...
Greeting A|R Family!   After a summer-long sabbatical from my blogging regimen, I'm BACK! Ok, so that's not really a big deal, however once you get 'out' of a habit, - here goes another 21 days of conditioning to get 'back into the swing of things'. Thanks to all of you that have kept in touch th...
Greetings Friends and Associates!   You'll be seeing a 'shift' here to cover multiple topics: technical, marketing, and service-based editorial and training. We'll be continuing to use this forum to update on matters concerning the GLS (Global Listing Service) however International Real Estate ar...
Realogy Launches Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Franchises - What's the (New) Deal? The New and (much) Improved Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Brand has emerged. So the question on the top of our minds is: 'what's the deal'?In a time where brokerages and brokerage models are under sc...

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Tim Mancuso Real Estate Mortgage Lender Title Technology REALTY property search and marketing tips coaching and mentoring help blog