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St Augustine Real Estate Exclusive Buyers Agent Sharon Stevens Discusses Important Facts to Know About Financing St Augustine Investment Property . Receive the best type of loan for your investment property in St Augustine . It doesn't matter if your getting a loan for a rental property or anoth...
Buying a vacation home in St Augustine by Sharon Stevens, St Augustine's ONLY Exclusive Buyers Agent If you've long dreamt of owning a beach house, country cottage or other second home to while away your leisure time, stop dreaming. With family incomes up, mortgage rates down and resort-real-est...
dvice from St Augustine Real Estate Buyers Agent  Sharon Stevens On how to Look at a Home   Every St Augustine seller wants you to buy their home.  They will try everything to convince you that their home is better than anything else you will look at.  So how do you narrow your selection?  Here a...
3 Common Mistakes St Augustine Real Estate Investors Make When Buying Foreclosures - by Sharon Stevens Exclusive Buyers Agent Here is a list of the top three common mistakes. St Augustine Real Estate Investors Make when Buying Foreclosures.Those who invest in real estate overwhelmingly agree tha...
St Augustine Buyers Agent Sharon Stevens' Guide to Buying a Home in St Augustine for the First Time Home Buyer Buying a home for the first time can seem like an overwhelming task. Youíre making the biggest financial decision of your life, and there is so much to consider. It helps a lot to unders...
Tips To Managing Risk In The St Augustine Real Estate Market by Sharon Stevens Exclusive Buyers Agent Investors have a hard life. Rising insurance rates, legal liability, security concerns and increasing interest rates may not be actually conspiring to give them early heart attacks, but it can se...
Three Things you should Know About Hiring a Contractor in St Augustine, by St Augustine Exclusive Buyers Agent Sharon Stevens In this article, we'll go over three necessary things you need to know about working with contractors to guarantee the most cost-effective, most timely, and highest qualit...
Number One "Trigger" to Quickly Get a Buyer to Make an Offer on Your House in St Augustine by Sharon Stevens - St Augustines ONLY Exclusive Buyers Agent What is it exactly that sells a house? Is it the price? Is it design? Is it the kitchen, bedroom, or the bathroom? In reality, it's none of thes...
Shopping For a Home Loan in St Augustine Florida - By Sharon Stevens, St Augustine's ONLY Exclusive Buyers Agent*  Next to shopping for the home in St Augustine itself, shopping for the home loan can be just as cumbersome. For such a large amount of money, you want to make sure you are getting t...
What You Can do to Help Your St Augustine Home Inspector - By St Augustine's Only Exclusive Buyers Agent, Sharon Stevens So you have decided to get a St Augustine home inspector check your home. That’s a smart choice. And, of course, you want to get the most out of this hired professional’s servi...

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