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What does the phrase "title search" mean to you?  Aside from an activity at the local library, its purpose is critical to the successful sale of a home.  A title search is performed by an attorney in order to guarantee that there are no unknown liens on or claims to a property.Because title searc...
Homeowners who are preparing to sell realize there's quite a bit of competition out there.  While presenting your home in model condition is one of the best ways to win the attention of potential buyers, be careful to avoid the pitfalls of improvements that may not produce the full-price offer yo...
Competition in the mortgage industry has resulted in a great opportunity for buyers who want a "fixer upper."  Private lenders have devised all sorts of unusual loans to put money into the hands of credit-worthy buyers.  Now FHA is getting in on the action by offering a new "limited repair" loan,...
When you're ready to sell your home, your agent will inform you how to successfully price, present and market your property; but some "family members" may be left out of the loop, completely unaware of the process and feeling the attendant anxiety.  No, it's not your kids, but your pets.Unfortuna...
If you have ever driven north of St. Augustine and Vilano Beach  along the Coastal Highway A1A you have probably seen and wondered about the medieval Castle that is seen from just off of the road.  What in the world is a medieval castle doing by the ocean in Florida?  What is its history???Castle...
You might assume that the fewer credit cards you have, the higher your credit score could be.  Because of that assumption, some buyers preparing to apply for a home loan mistakenly cancel one or more credit cards.  Why would this be a bad idea?It has to do with the ratio of your debt to your avai...
The Federal Reserve, confronted with surging oil prices and a slumping housing market, cut a key interest rate by a quarter-point Wednesday, but signaled that may be all the rate relief the economy needs right now.The Central Bank lowered the federal funds rate to 4.5%, as had been expected. But ...

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