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It's one of those conversations that leads to an idea. A client asked me if I knew of any listing websites to promote a home near Notre Dame. I didn't. So I came up with one. Months later we have With nearly 33,000 listings we are the premier off-campus student housing...
Two is Better than One! My|Assistant is growing!  To better serve you, we have added to our Virtual Assistant team! Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Kukla to My|Assistant. Jennifer has been in marketing and real estate for several years and has a mad passion for design and color.  Painting i...
Tired of the same old fonts available in your programs? Then check out this fantastic list of cool, high-quality fonts from Smashing Magazine. Need help installing a new font? You can find a tutorial at Microsoft’s website. Or, if you prefer a totally custom font of your own handwriting, you can...
Want to stay on top of your favorite blog or news feed but don’t want to keep checking your RSS feed or visiting their website? Not even sure what an RSS feed is? I like to have these posts automatically sent to my inbox so I don’t have to remember to visit any other websites – I’ve got enough t...
You get two choices this month! Template postcards are only .12 each and have no setup fee. Small changes to the back are fine. No minimums! Postcards will print the last week of March for April mailing.      
I can't say it enough: OWN YOUR DOMAIN!OWN YOUR WEBSITE! Most people don't realize that when you hire a company to build/design your website, THEY OWN IT. Why have someone else register your domain and have them own it? What happens if you want to take over the control? Is it easy to do? You bett...
What's your purpose with Twitter use? Are you looking to expand your network and hopefully gain some new business? It should be. You should be finding new people to follow and hope they follow you back. If you are using Twitter to gain a 'following' then you need to consider expanding your brandi...
I can't get the time to log in to Facebook throughout the day but I want to know what my friends are up to. Logging in at the end of the day requires me to browse through perhaps 100 updates. I get lost. I get behind. Well what did I find today? Facebook provides an RSS  feed for your friend stat...
Lists make me happy. I like planning out goals I want to accomplish and things I want to do. Problem is, I'm addicted to lists. They are everywhere. And I can't find them. So, a lot of good they do me now, huh? Alas, the internet has come to my rescue! There are wonderful list-making, task priori...
      I went to my local grocery store for square orange cheese crackers. In particular I was looking for Cheese Nips because they were on insane sale. Cracker isle. Found the Cheez-Its but where are the Cheese Nips????? Can't find them anywhere. But they're on sale. They must be around. Cruise d...

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