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These are my thoughts about community, life and the world around me...rambling as they may be. What is in my head. This is me!
You know, when I was a kid Downtown was vibrant and thriving!  There was Orange Julius there!!!   [:D]  (the highlight of my childhood trips with my dad to downtown) The over time, it went down hill as many downtown areas tend to do.  Of course it didnt help that TWO malls opened withinn 2 weeks ...
It has been said that "Real Estate Agents change Brokers as often as they change underwear!"   And I have to admit it DOES seem that some do!!   As the fourth quarter of the year descends upon us, it is that time of year when many agents will reevaluate their standing and decisions about where to...
  As all the children head back to school, the days get shorter and leaves start to fall, we all start to reflect on the year so far and look ahead to the holidays that will mark the beginning of a new year! This time of year brings back memories of my dear grandmother.  She has been gone now for...
We as Realtors get bombarded by marketing hype!   You know the mail and email that all says...  Every Tom, Dick and Harry Dog says... "Do what WE say and GET RICH!" I know that marketing is very very important.  I am not debating that. The question is WHAT type of marketing is actually worth it? ...
It is simply a rhetorical question?   SO MUCH HYPE in the media today about foreclosures and "short sales"!!  Sometimes it is hard to keep it all straight or even worse to help seller and buyers to get a grip on the reality of these types of sales.   I have had a house listed for several months. ...
  It IS a lovely Estate home with SO many uses!! This is a very very unique property!!   Absolutely exquisite grounds!!  All 6 acres are pristine!! 8500 square feet and 22 rooms in the main house!   10 rentals on the back lot with $3000 monthly income!   MULTI use zoning allowing uses for Profess...
Ok....the story goes that the Orange cat is "the costumed burgler" that is causing mayhem in NYC!!! If any one sees him.....  I think there may be a reward for his LIVE capture!!!!   m
Today was a beautiful day in AUGUSTA GA !! AND some news!   Skies were blue and temp was down!  What a gorgeous day!! On days like today, I think that more people are thinking about their homes and what they really want!  They get out and drive around.... they seem to be in better mood when they ...
When you get a referral, regardless of the source is it worth half your commission, 25%, 10% of your commission? This is the question I constantly battle with!! yes, the referral IS business I might not have gotten otherwise, yes, if it is from a business partner, it will keep them happy if the r...
PIRATE booty that is!!..... The Loot?    You know the Payday! And YES you CAN eat it! WHAT a FUN cake!!!   Well, School started the first of August here and BOY did business slow down! But, now with all the kiddos settled in we can look forward to a brief rise in interested buyers and sellers. T...

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