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These are my thoughts about community, life and the world around me...rambling as they may be. What is in my head. This is me!
Awesome places! Our county has some really AWESOME sights to see! Try to name this place....   Even the Geese love it! M
Ok, after nearly a year of attempts to build an awesome website that will bring prospects in by the droves....  After worming my way through a maze of web-talk and programming dialect and learning a LOT more than I ever thought I wanted to know about websites....  My site is ALMOST done! It has b...
Ok....Myself and my husband have always been entrepeneurs.  We have started and SOLD 3 businesses that were all successful and had another business that, although it was successful, we were unable to sell due to having NO time to sell! We have been trying to get some financing on a new venture.  ...
8500 square feet of Living Space 27 Rooms 6 Acres Includes $3000+ rental income from rear property Previously used as a Personal Residence, Children's Home  and Real Estate offices.  Mixed zoning in place to include Special zoning, Residential and Professional zoning. Come see for yourself!   Ma...
We all know that the web is THE place for EVERYONE....right? Well, as a real estate agent, I realize that more than 80% of my customers are shopping FIRST on the web.   I am willing to bet that it is near the 100% mark with those customers under 30 yo. What's the saying.... "you aint gotta thing ...
OH MY!! Years ago, there used to be an AWESOME Jazz band in Augusta called the "Augusta Jazz Project". They covered every type jazz imaginable and really are "Cool Cats"!! Despite their reknown talent and claim to fame, The locals apparently showed little interest in booking this group.  I dont k...
I am in the middle of working on a brand new AWESOME website. I really NEED a good blog to anchor the concept of my site. According to my site designer, any existing blog I may have can be integrated as a framed in site, BUT... the catch is that the entire page will show not just My blog. Of cour...
When marketing yourself and your brand ...... WHAT WORKS FOR YOU? There are as many ideas as realtors, I know.    Target mailings, email campaigns, billboards, car magnets etc.... Websites....what do you think is the MOST important aspect of a good website that will actually bring in good leads?...
Have you ever heard that song?   "the day the squirrel went bezerk in the first self rightous church!"Well, that is what was going on in MY bedroom!!!    This is THE MIGHTY HUNTER that thinks I NEED a squirrel in my bedroom!! lol Three times now this cat has caught a squirrel and brought it ALIVE...
GIVE ME A BREAK!! In the past week with Wall street giants in near collapse I have heard more people whining about the EMINENT fall of the US economy,    Sure things are not looking the best but I am still unconvinced that we are on the cusp of seeing the end of life as we know it.  Back in "the ...

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Thoughts about life in Augusta, richmond, columbia county GA and Ft Gordon and N Augusta from time to time.