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Do Good and Make Money by Responsibly Discarding Unwanted ThingsA few years back, the popular American reality TV show “Hoarders” profiled an Edmonton, Alberta woman who couldn’t part with any of her possessions. She wasn’t living in clutter. She quite literally buried herself in junk.While this ...
Starting at a new job is always nerve-racking, especially if it’s your first job ever. You enter into a big office where everyone is busy and rushing around, and you just stand there, confused as to what you can do, what you know how to do at all.But let me assure you that there’s no need to be s...
Getting fired is never a pleasant experience, for both sides of the relationship. And while we understand that there are some cases where clients may be unreasonable and set unrealistic expectations, there are also lots of situations where an agent neglects one or two vital aspects of the client-...
Passing the real estate agent exam doesn’t mean becoming an instant professional in the field. Being successful in the real estate industry requires a ton of dedication, drive and investing a lot of your precious time. Every successful real estate agent has gone through a period of trial and erro...
A good blog is both informative and entertaining. If you're interested in the Canadian real estate market — and let's face it who isn't after Zillow and Redfin infiltrated this market earlier this year — than it's time to start reading some of the best blogs about the Canadian housing market. Her...
Choosing the right brokerage is imperative to your growth and your overall success. That’s because working with a brokerage is a partnership — you provide hard work, determination, and results and your brokerage provides you with the opportunity to maximize your reach, your business, and your abi...
Beginnings aren’t easy. Even seasoned real estate professionals will tell you that at the start, it was a struggle. Most would say that if they had a chance to start over again, they’d do a few things a bit differently. As a seasoned professional with years of experience as a Realtor, a managing ...
It’s no secret, buying a home is exciting but stressful. While getting keys to your new place is super-exciting, applying for a mortgage is arguably everyone’s least favourite part of the process — a situation made worse by recent changes to mortgage regulations in Canada.  According to a recent ...
The State of the Canadian Real Estate Market in May 2018After analyzing the latest national residential real estate stats by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), we see that home sales didn’t change significantly month-to-month between April to May 2018, but it was a different story for y...
Open houses often spark debate among real estate experts.  In one camp are the agents and home sellers who trust that an open house will help sell a property. The idea is that displaying the product for sale in an optimal light — staging helps — this generates interest and buzz which this leads t...

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