Clearing out the garden tonight I noticed the sun had shifted a little lower and a whole lot faster than a mere month ago.  New Hampshire growing season is slowing up a step, like my little dog, Emily.  She was fascinated with things I could never see or smell, while I scrounged for the last of t...
Just finished watching the Patriots Game versus the Kansas City Chiefs..With no way to stop the clock, the top Quarter Back taken out due to injuries during one of the first plays, it was a a victory hard-won...sounds like your real estate practice these days? I get bombarded on a daily basis by ...
Although not a big Kenny Rogers fan, I keep having his song, "The Gambler" rolling through my head. "You gotta know when to walk away, and when to run."  Professionals: It is in serving your clients' true best interest, that sometimes, you have to be willing to walk away.  Based upon my experienc...
Memorial Day heralds the start of summer.  Frankly it could not have happened too soon.  Spring weather has taken a toll in mudslides, floods, hail and tornadoes across our beloved country. My family and I watched in horror at the devastation-that hollow look of our neighbors across the country a...
Every day there seems to be more gloom and doom in the news.  The sky is falling!  The market will never recover!  Wall Street investors are losing their shirts (as is your 401K)!  Layoffs of your neighbor down the street.  It's enough to make you hide under the covers until 2009!  Enough already...

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