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As mentioned in the last blog, Arizona is switching up to Zipform 6, with the rest of the country who are still using WinForm to switch over in the next month or so. Lots of good improvements and easier to utilize. I still recommend the desktop (standard) version over the online (professional) ve...
Yep... I spent an hour on the phone with a zipform inside tech to get the scoop on what's happening. Here is AZ, we've rolled out the product and all REALTORS must switch over by May 20, 2009. It looks like the rest of the country, or at least those that use Zipform or Winform will be converting ...
Sorry for the long wait there, as I've been involved in creating more technology classes for the agents. Other than writing and talking to you bloggers about creating the ultimate paperless virtual office, as you know, there are so many great technologies out there that are necessary to put the w...
OK- We've gone over creating a very systematic folder & filing system to put all your real estate transaction documents away in their proper place (on your hard drive). We've received these documents with our online fax (Being able to not only receive but to send out as well--- get rid of that tr...
While you were watching the SuperBowl (I can't believe Arizona lost in the last minute), you have recieved contracts, addendums and counter offers for different files. But before you file them away in your systematic filing system (on your desk top), you must extract the documents and relabel the...
OK. Now that we set up our virtual office with a systemized set of folders, you need to get rid of the traditional fax machine and get the online faxing in place. This will include a good service for receiving, and sending faxes. I lot of people say everybody uses email anymore, but that's just n...
It is important to create a tech plan for your business. This will enable you to create a roadmap of where you would like to be in 12 months. This should include: -Mapping out how you want to use these technologies to save time, make money or just make life a bit easier. -Look at the end goal of ...
It's a new year and we need to get started. The first thing is to clean up our computer, just like we would our office. I don't mean in spyware or bug detector... I'm talking about cleaning up all the icons on the computer and putting them in folders. Creat a systematic filing system, including f...
Happy New Year! I will soon be posting all 2009 tech classes to train everyone on the pertinents- ZipForm (which is no longer being sold at the local associations), Microsoft Outlook and creating the ultimate paperless office. Get in tech shape this year!!!!

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