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Communication minus the Job equals perfection? I am currently engaged to be married this summer.  My fiancee is one of the most amazing women that I have ever met.  The only time that she does not enjoy my conversation/comany is when I am talking about Real Estate/work.  She is a Teacher and I en...
#2-Being Prepared: Properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready.  I will tell you how I lost my first Client because I was NOT prepared.  I will tell you my horror story if you tell me yours.                                                                                                     ...
Honesty- Truthfulness, sincerity or frankness.  Also, freedom from deceit or fraud. Black and White or Gray? Do we tell the truth all of the time?  Do we tell the truth only when it is convenient and when there is no commission involved?  Is leaving out a fact or two mean that we are being disho...
Most Realtors see Monday as an "off day."  I am all for taking a day of rest, however, use it to your personal advantage.  Take time to spend time with a friend, family member or with the one you love.  Your personal satisfaction level in life will increase and (because you are more cheerful) so ...
Seller Tips 1. Understand why you are selling. 2. Find a good Realtor 3. Do your homework before you set your selling price. 4. Appearance is critical.  Maximize your selling potential. 5. Deep clean your property, remove all personal traces of your family. 6. Disclose EVERYTHING. 7. Do not get e...
1. Know what you are looking for before you begin. 2. Find a Mortgage Broker and get Pre-Approved. 3. Create a winning Team to help you: Realtor and a reputable Lender. 4. Make sure that your Agent understands what you're looking for. 5. Have your Agent help you narrow your list. 6. Search with y...
I would like to conduct a survey of all Active Rainers (new and experienced).      *What are the benefits/setbacks of Short Sale properties?      *What are the benefits/setbacks of REO (Bank Owned) properties? Also, if you could share some tips on how to land listings of either type would be most...
The Lost Sale:The way that people find Real Estate has changed.  People, now, rarely rely on the "family friend" for their initial contact.  Unfortunately, I found this out first hand.  A friend of mine confessed that he had bought a home and was sorry that he didn't use me as his Realtor.  Initi...
Short Sale Tips by Mark Velasco (So Cal) (Part 1 of a 4 part series)  1. Know your area prices Many Short Sale properties are priced well below market prices to attract lots of  Buyers.  With lots of Buyers, comes many bids and then comes the multiple counter.  Most Short Sale properties do give ...


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