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(Day 3 of the 30-day-blog challenge...) This isn't so much of a blog post as it is more of a RANT. I just gained another client today....due to SOME of you resisting, or maybe outright REFUSING to work weekends.  Huh?  This is real estate, people are buying, selling, looking, searching at all hou...
(Day 2 of the 30-day blogging challenge!)   I picked up my latest weekly local paper, the Saline Reporter and came across the article about a homeowner's trees getting in the way of a sidewalk/walkway/greenspace project.  There are multiple subdivisions in this area, and the township decided to h...
                (Day 1 of the 5000-point challenge in ActiveRain.) Some of you noticed I simply dropped out of sight for most of last week.  For the "Out and About" crowd, this post mostly has to do with my mini-vacation to China.  China?  Well, to make a long story even longer yet, I was able t...
Just what I was thinking, I was going to perhaps ask real estate agents in the community how they live and what do they do "outside" of real estate?  Hobbies?  Second job?  Sleep? Since starting out, I've learned mostly to do everything "when it feels like it's time to do it".  If I have to mow t...
In my own, wonderful opinion, it's a wash.  I've had several where I've sat alone, working on my laptop while waiting at the door, and my most recent one on my own listing where I had seven visits in two hours.I'm engaged in a conversation with an ActiveRain member who cites the NAR statistics ab...
Yard sales are fun, I've found a few neat things in my time, mostly old music equipment or old books or music.  One thing to look forward to in the area is the annual US Highway 12 yard sale.  I did a little driving about both west and east and noticed that the yard sales are fewer and far betwee...
(....strange, these humans are...) I gained another client yesterday.  Actually, it was about 11:30 the previous night when I got an emailed inquiry about one of my listings for sale.  She wanted to know if it was available for rent.  Sadly, I had to let her know that the seller wants ONLY to sel...
It was a beautiful day, and with great timing, the Saline Summerfest was in full swing.  I had attended in past years of course, but it seems like this year the car show really got going.  It had extended two blocks north of the center of town, wrapped itself around the corner of one other street...
What is your opinion?  It could be due to heavy competition or not, but I've seen how many agents work and many seem to stick to a certain area to "micro-specialize" and others have gone in the opposite direction and spread out to a wide area to gain a bigger share of the market.  I'm personally ...

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