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Ah, the reason I'm making this post today is PRECISELY because of the title.  Lots of folks will be trying to go through hard times and trying to figure out "what can I do"?  Of course, there are several programs to stay in or get out of a house, however, from what I've heard on the street from i...
(From A team of engineers at NREL recently developed a potentially revolutionary new air conditioning system. Unlike standard air conditioners, which compress a circulating liquid refrigerant such as Freon, this new system draws warm air through a cooling unit that contains a water-abso...
Open House for Real Estate One of Milan, Michigan, from 2PM to 4PM, Sunday, October 10, 2010.
This doesn't even have to apply only to real estate, I've made sure I've done the same thing when I worked as a customer service rep and a technical support rep for several companies over the years. I've come close a few times when working with difficult customers to saying the wrong thing, but i...
Some folks enjoy the city, some of us enjoy the country life....  To each his own. Leading west out of Saline, is a rural road running for almost just 8 miles.  Saline Waterworks Road has typical suburban life in the Northview Subdivision and Breconshire Subdivisions.  Two churches are also near...
Most folks BUYING a home know that the price is ALWAYS negotiable.  Many folks RENTING do not, it seems.  This is just mostly due to renters (or at least in my area) are young and don't understand that a LOT of things are negotiable in life. At the moment, a lot of my current traffic are rentals....
(Day 29 of "30 in 30") Okay, aside from a perceived glut of housing, what if you DO still want to build a brand new home?  St. James Woods, with the entrance from Lohr Road, combines an Ann Arbor mailing address, but has Saline Area Schools, and you're in between the best of both.  Head south to ...
(Day 28 of "30 in 30") OMG!  It's only 90 minutes from midnight and I couldn't get any time to sit down and bang out another post!  WHAT DO I DO?!?  PANIC!!!! Okay, take a DEEP breath and just relax.... I can't think of what to write about tonight and I've only got....(looking panicked at watch)....
(Day 27 of "30 in 30"!) Now what you've all....okay, a FEW of you...have been waiting for: The answers to yesterday's movie quote quiz: 1. We're adding a little something to this month's sales contest.  As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado.  Anybody want to see second prize?  [Hold...
(Day 26 of "30 in 30" - closer and closer!) Getting a little too close for me to put together a good, sizable "strictly business" type of post, I thought I'd through some more entertainment your way.  How about a game?  Try and figure out the real-estate-related movie is that belongs to each one ...

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