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Well it is finally Friday and I hope you are going to be able to stay cool today. The forecast is 105 for the high today and it should go without saying to drink plenty of water. You know what else is hot? The topic of foreclosures and real estate in South Carolina. So maybe you will want to chec...
It has been some time since I posted here with the intention of getting people to visit my main blog and website. After Google went nuts with their Panda and Penguin search engine ranking changes, I was honestly afraid to do much of anything. And then my website crashed. Or was hacked. Still not ...
Great advice! When it comes to making what will probably be one of the biggest financial decisions in your life, well it is NOT a time to start cutting corners. You might think you are saving money but the truth is you could be shooting yourself in the foot! The decision is yours. You can hire a ...
Please please please! I am begging my fellow agents to stop giving your hard earned money to these scumbags. And it isn't just this company. Never ever pay for referral leads! Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with referrals from another licensed agent. Especially when that other agent ...
Some pictures from the Realtor Rally in Washington my broker sent me. I couldn't go but hope that maybe, just maybe, the politicians got the message from the many REALTORs that home ownership is important. And that we vote! That is Pam Boswell, Peggy Hill and David Phillips in the 2nd picture. To...
Great advice and so very true. If you want to buy a home in a cretain area, then it is reasonable to expect it is going to cost what homes in that area cost...Anyone that has ever sold real estate for a living has had this happen more frequently than you would expect: A buyer views a house in the...
If you don't have a sense of humor, then you may not want to read the Top 10 Reasons Why the Lender Won't Fund. Just this morning I had to explain why my seller decided to put a property up for auction instead of countering the above list price offer that was submitted. Banks...don't try to under...
Got just a moment because I really need to get some cat food and cat litter for my feline masters... As I was typing that it made think that is all they do... Eat and use the litter box... But if you are an animal lover like me, you know they do so much more. Can you put a price on the love that ...
I know I am guilty of also writing about the facts and figures more than the emotional aspect of buying or selling real estate. Maybe I need to write more about the emotion instead of logic of buying or selling real estate?I'm guilty. Because I like facts and data in my decision-making process, I...
Been busy this week and spent most of the day yesterday trying to get the yard cut. Which was a greater ordeal than normal since the riding lawnmower decided to break. Not sure what is wrong with it but it made an expensive sounding noise so I am dreading the verdict... Anyway I was able to post ...

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News, reviews, opinions about everything and anything in Anderson County in Upstate SC.