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LAUGH OF THE DAY: The Perfect Husband... At a local coffee shop, a young lady was divulging her idea of the perfect husband to some of her friends. "The man I marry must be a light in the darkness. He must be musical, tell jokes, sing, and stay home at night!"  An elderly lady overheard and chime...
LAUGH OF THE DAY: Making Money on the Farm... A motorist, after being bogged down in a muddy road, paid a passing farmer ten bucks to pull him out with his tractor. After he was back on dry ground he said to the farmer, "At those prices, I should think you would be pulling people out of the mud n...
LAUGH OF THE DAY: Two Coats... A husband comes home and sees his wife painting the living room, but she had her raincoat and her fur coat on. He asks her why in the world she has her coats on. She replies, "I read the can, and it said for best results put on two coats." This laugh courtesy of Mr....
LAUGH OF THE DAY: A Valuable Degree... A college graduate is applying for a part-time job to help with his course fees. He applies to work in a supermarket and gets the job. The first day the manager tells him to sweep the floor. The graduate is furious and shouts, "Hey man, don't you know that I...
LAUGH OF THE DAY: An Artificial Sentence... A lawyer defending a man accused of burglary tried a creative defense to get his client free. "My client merely inserted his arm into the window and removed a few paltry items. His arm is not technically himself, so I fail to see how you can punish the ...
COMING SOON: Beautiful 5 Bedroom 3 Bath Single Family Home in North Arlington VA - House close to Washington DC, George Washington Parkway, McLean, I-66, Glebe Road Live close to Washington DC, McLean, and George Washington Parkway with this beautiful 5 bedroom 3 bath North Arlington VA home. Thi...
LAUGH OF THE DAY: Exhausted Resources... Discussing the environment with his friend, Steve asked, "Which of our natural resources do you think will become exhausted first?" "The taxpayer," replied his friend. This laugh courtesy of Mr. Arlington, your source for Arlington VA Homes.
LAUGH OF THE DAY: Dreaming in Spanish... A boy was having a lot of difficulty in Spanish class. To encourage him, his teacher said, "You'll know you're really beginning to get it when you start dreaming in Spanish." The boy ran into class excited one day, saying, "Teacher, teacher! I had a dream ...
LAUGH OF THE DAY: How Computers Are Like Air Conditioners... I'm a big Mac fan, so I found this one pretty funny. The next time you're in a Mac v. Windows debate, this line may prove to be the kicker. Enjoy! "Computers are a lot like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening Window...
LAUGH OF THE DAY: Cars v. Computers... Steve Jobs and the chairman of Ford are arguing over which company is better. Steve Jobs boasts, "If cars grew in technology as fast as Apple computers did, we would be driving V-64 instead of V-8, our cars would get 500 miles to the gallon, the top speed wo...

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