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Take a minute and imagine you are one of the millions of Americans who has lost their job and is way behind on their mortgage payments with no chance of getting back above water. You have drained your savings account and the next step is to dip in that retirement fund you have sacrificed so much ...
Owning a home is like having a forced savings account for your money. You are constantly making your monthly mortgage payments and depending on the current market conditions you are building equity,  and financial security. What you may not have realized, is that there is an easy way to speed up ...
The mortgage underwriting process can best be described as a rock fight from start to finish. The key to today's pipeline is preparation on the front end of the transaction and having the biggest rock for the fight. Another key to success is having a client that will follow direction and not figh...
Chaulk up another success story to Activerain. It's been about a year since I embarked in my blogging journey. Just a loan officer with a passion for his work and a willingness to learn. What had started on Activerain, now has me writing a blog for my local news paper. It's not the big time yet,...
The post Great Recession mortgage industry is a very different than it was seven or eight years ago. Increased lending restrictions and licensing regulations have for the most part, eliminated the chop shop mortgage broker from the equation. And although the mortgage industry is a safer place for...
Calling all FHA mortgage holders who want to take advantage of the historical low interest rate environment that the government has facilitated for us. FHA has an amazing opportunity for current FHA customers to dramatically reduce their monthly payment and skip a month on your payment, it's call...
  Mortgage underwriting after the credit crisis of 2008 and 2009 is like navigating a downtown Boston St. after a harsh New England winter, it's full of pot holes. These underwriting pot holes can deflate your hopes of an on time closing if you don't know have the vision to see what lies ahead. T...
Prepare for Success Making the jump from renter to home owner can seem a bit intimidating, and like any big step in life, being prepared is the key to a successful transition. Whether you have been living at home with parents, shacking up at a friends house or making a check out to a landlord eve...
The last few years have if nothing else has given us a greater appreciation for the value of saving money. A challenging real estate market, weak employment picture, and a lack of good ideas from our elected officials has put some financial pressure on all of us. The stock market volatility and l...
Hello Activerain family. I hope everyone is finishing up a very successful year. This year has been so much fun for me. I joined Activerain at the beginning of the year and used this blogging platform as a springboard into the blogging world. I have since taken the knowledge I have accumulated he...

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