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Find the "Right" Agent Before the "Right" Home It’s a common practice for buyers to make a list of what they want in a home during the search process and to explain it to their agent. However, maybe the first list they should make would have the skills they want their agent to have. The Profile o...
Should You Disconnect Your Landline?   Thinking of Ditching Your Landline?   Many consumers are currently ditching their land and business lines in favor of cell phone only call options. In fact, as many as one in six American households have given up their landline and are using only their cell ...
Buying or Selling a Home? Where Are Values Headed?    Today, many real estate conversations center around housing prices and where they may be headed. Some believe rapidly rising prices have created a new ‘housing bubble’. Others believe that the sudden rise in interest rates will impact purchasi...
Get Regular Check-upsFollowing his heart surgery last week, after an issue was discovered during his annual physical, President George W. Bush encouraged everyone to get regular check-ups.  Another important checkup that should be done on a regular basis and can be just as beneficial for your fi...
Where Is It Invested?You’ve saved for a rainy day or retirement. Congratulations but don’t get too comfortable yet; where is it invested? It’s estimated that over 25% of Americans have their long-term savings in cash instead of investments like stocks, bonds or real estate. The memories of the f...