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By Kate RaidtWhat does “value” mean to you? To me, the word “value” means priceless—things money cannot buy.The problem with the American mentality is that we put such importance on material things and not on things that are valuable. I cringe when I read inspirational or financial books that enc...
Revitalizing Kitchen CabinetsHeat, water, grease and food residue can take their toll on your kitchen cabinets. According to the home improvement experts at Lowe’s, you might be surprised what a good scrubbing can do. When you're ready to clean your cabinets, Lowe’s recommends the following: Labe...
Resolutions - 12/31/2012After spending the holidays with family and friends, this is a time of the year to start thinking about changes to make in our lives, both personal and in business.  We wanted to share one of ours with you.Our goal is to become your REALTOR® for life.  We want you to think...
Tips on Closing Your Credit Cards: The Real ConsequencesWhen someone is considering paying off debt, they are often under the misconception that closing a credit card will damage their credit score. While this may be true in some circumstances, there are many instances in which it will not cause ...
Hang Pictures with Designer FlareThere are few things that can make a new house feel lived in like hanging your own personal artwork. Whether you're hanging family photographs, framed artwork, mirrors, or posters, these items give the eye a place to focus and complete the look of a room.While a p...
Q: How do you decide whether to add on to an exsisting home or purchase a new one? A: There are a few things to consider, including cost, individual needs, and what will add value down the road. Also important: your emotional attachment to the existing home.As designer and builder Philip S. Wenz,...
Protecting Your Hardwood No matter what the setting, the good looks and durability of hardwood floors can be maintained with minimal effort. It’s simply a matter of proper care and maintenance.The American Hardwood Information Center,, in conjunction with the National Wood Fl...
Polish Your Organization Skills for 2013Most of us have a tradition of setting a new years resolution, and hopefully at least some of us don’t let our goals fizzle out by mid February. If organization isn’t your strong point, perhaps you should center your 2013 resolution around making that a top...
Decor and You: Employing an Accessory PlanBy John Voket, RISMedia Consumer ConfidantIn our last segment, I introduced you to Linda Gottlieb, a Connecticut Décor Designer with Decor&You decorating service ( in Connecticut. Now we take a look at the three ways DIYers are creating im...
Monday Morning Mobile: Who's Smarter?By Seth KaplanThe smartphone market continues to reach milestones both here and abroad. As of March 2012, over 50 percent of all U.S. mobile subscribers now owned a smartphone, according to Nielsen.A new report published by HIS indicates that global smartphone...

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