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Hopefully we are on the down side of Winter and working our way to Springtime. But just in case Mother Nature decides to dump a few more snowfalls on us here are some useful tips for the car.  In Denver we always get a healthy, very wet snowfall in April.  Trees break and the roads are like skat...
I always thought bar code were just a mess of lines and numbers.  The numbers at the bottom of the code will tell you where the product was made. With most of the food and even pet products coming from China you might want to read the codes when shopping at Wal-Mart and grocery stores. It seem li...
As I am walking through the grocery store, which is not my favorite thing to do, I hear this man yelling on his cell phone.  He is from another country so it was twice as annoying.  I changed isles to get away from him and there he is again, still yelling on his phone.  I changed isles to other s...

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