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Here is a list of the favorite things men and women want from a home. Interesting to note they both want garages and want very similar things. Here are the top 10 features most desired by men:1. Garage or designated parking space, 85.5 percent2. Master suite, 79.8 percent3. Ample storage space, 7...
If you are working with clients and they post their motivation and current happenings on FaceBook about the contract they just wrote or received it could put them in a bad negotiating position. I caution my clients not to post anything about the transaction until after it is closed. Posting their...
As I mentioned in a earlier blog my Broker decided to close the office.  I had to make a decision to join a large or small office.  After interviewing employing brokers I chose the large office of 100 agents. I placed myself in the mind set of a client.  As I walked into the office I payed attent...
I have been with his office for 20 years.  Now I have to start the interview process to see where I will fit in. Do I want a small office of 38 or do I want an office with over 100 agents? Just what do I want and need from a new office?  I am excited about the change because I think it will fresh...
I'm thinking about changing over to Z57 web site. I would like to know if the lead capture works for you, an how many leads you get a month from the web site and are you satisfied with it. I don't want to waste more money in a web site without some honest feedback. Thank you for your input. Patty
FHA Now Accepts Electronic Signatures on Sales Contracts   FHA is now officially accepting electronic signatures on real estate sales contracts. Although most lenders have accepted electronic signatures on sales contracts in the past, they really weren't supposed to be doing it. (Imagine that - a...
Thursday, April 15, 2010     Fannie Mae has just announced new waiting periods for people who have sold a house in a short sale and want to buy a new house.The new waiting period is 2 years if the borrower has a 20% down payment, 4 years if they have a 10% down payment, and 7 years if they only h...

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