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Chances are you have heard about all the benefits of using social media in your mortgage marketing strategy. However, chances are you also simply don’t have time to devote to managing the countless social media platforms available for businesses today. The good news is that it’s a lot easier than...
Recent positive refinance and purchase numbers have given way to a huge influx in Loan Officer job applications across the nation’s leading mortgage job networks, according to a recent article on the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.The article discusses how companies like Anikim Credit Corp (w...
Last week on our Mortgage Marketing blog, I discussed how mortgage rates had risen for the third straight week after previously setting all-time record lows. This begs the question, what are the driving forces behind the rise in mortgage rates?A recent article from takes a look at 3...
According to Freddie Mac’s weekly survey released August 16th, fixed mortgage rates rose for the third straight week after previously setting all-time lows, with the typical 30-year rate increasing from 3.59% to 3.62%. As the economy continues its staggered improvement, demand decreases for the s...
A recent article on Bloomberg News illustrates how Buyers are taking advantage of low interest rates to purchase new homes or refinance their mortgages.According to the article, sales of existing homes were up 9.6 percent in May compared to a year ago, with 4.6 million homes changing hands at a s...
A recent article in National Mortgage Professional Magazine discussed how its more important now than it ever has been to find a mortgage marketing strategy that works for you AND your budget. In order to get the most bang from your mortgage marketing buck, there are a few simple things to rememb...
We are excited to announce that we will be showcased at the MoreLoans4U Loan Officer mortgage marketing solution at the upcoming Mortgage Tech Summit in Denver, Colorado!As one of our valued readers, you can register for this event and receive a 10% discount by using the code at the bottom of thi...
When most mortgage marketing professionals think of SEO, they think of some magical code that can only be cracked by paying someone large amounts of money for help. We’ve got good news for you – this is simply not true! A highly effective (and free) way to boost the search engine rankings for you...
If you haven’t seen the latest trend in Internet “memes” (typically a picture or image that humorously represents everyday situations), they consist of how people view your occupation versus how you view your occupation. At MoreLoans4U we wanted to contribute to the fun with our depiction of how ...
Anyone who reads Mortgage Marketing blogs has most likely seen some sort of post on how to use Pinterest for Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing. Pinterest is a fairly new social media platform that is gaining increasing traction in the Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing world. It was designed as ...

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