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What is it like to just float around? Well- these little guys make it look like FUN. Bobbing- diving and floating. But in reality as in our life-- the Canadian geese had to work to get to enjoy this time with the family.  They flew thousands of miles, had to look for food, find the right nesting ...
Here is a WEDNESDAY PHOTO.  This old tree was faced with the being between a rock and a hard spot years ago when he had to be his roots to the water source..The tree could not go through it or push it out of the way -- so he went around it and incorporated the big rock. The meaning of determinati...
WELL-it is always nice to see our that  favorite animals that have made it through a long winter. THE MOOSE IS BACK-- SHE MADE IT!- In this wonderland called mother nature- winter are pretty hard on wildlife.  The ground is snow covered and food is scarce-- this winter was particularly long and w...
This great trout was taken from the Kootenai River which was about 17 miles from  Libby Montana. Here the river runs with  glacier blue/green hues of crystal clear cold water.  The trout love it-- the fishermen love it-the fly fishermen love it!  For river frontage property call Debra Cernick Mon...
Graduation - It is that time of year when the seniors at our local high school get to don the cap and gown and walk the aisle to adulthood.  This yer we have a daughter who is graduating.  We spent yesterday with family and her high school friends-- had a wonderful afternoon- barbecue- live band(...
Here is the reason I am so happy today!  You know I love the 4 seasons that we have here in Montana-- this photo was taken in February-Libby ,Mt - BRRRRR pretty , very white, fluffy and fun..but this photo was taken TODAY!  The natural wonders of weather--  different worlds both beautiful in thei...
OKAY-- MY NAME IS DEBRA AND I AM NOT A TWITTER!  I feel like I should be in one of those meetings and stand up and and admit it.  Here's the thing-- I know that it is working for alot of you out there-- I just do not understand HOW? I need to spend more time I guess to underatnd the whole thing--...
The day has been sunny-- went to the Doctor's office and before we got to "what are you here  for " we discussed------REAL ESTATE!  You know we are lucky in this business that people like to talk about real estate and they often bring up the subject.  Do we take advantage of the opening? --most o...
Lang Creek Brewery of Marion, Montana-- touted as the most remote brewery in the world is closing . I was on my way back from Kalispell, Montana along US Highway 2 today and saw a sign-- hand-written-- kinda like a yard sale sign that simply said Land Creek Brewery is closing- stop by for closing...
Well maybe it means more than that! MAYBE IT MEANS A PLACE FOR A SURVIVAL from the world of tension, tv, and commercialism. 70 acres for $450,000   Here is a secluded piece of Montana! Year-round fork of the East Fisher River and a valley of wildlife. This property lies off of Highway 2 between K...

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