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As a lifelong seamstress, when the need for facemasks surfaced, I pulled out my stash of cotton and elastic, researched a design that allows for the insertion of a filter, and started sewing. Cotton masks with inserts for filters and some headbands with buttons were then sent to my daughters, one...
Are more parts of the US are shutting down and people are sheltering in their homes, keep in mind that there might be neighbors (elderly, at risk, in need) who you might be able to help. They might need someone to run to the store for them (if you are able), or they might need supplies that you c...
FICO announced new scoring models in January 2020. If you’re not familiar with the changes, it’s a great time to have a conversation with your trusted lender(s). This will have an impact on people’s ability to get mortgages and loans in general. As I heard it discussed on a radio program today, l...
We drive by these signs all the time, so often in fact, that I don’t pay a lot of attention to them. This one, however, caught my eye as I pulled up to the stop sign. Between the leaves and the ivy, the meaning of the sign had changed.  Drive like my kids? Hmmmmm   Maybe. Maybe not.  Think about ...
As a college undergraduate, I took Organic Chemistry. Because it was a challenging course, our professor gave us the formula for success at the beginning of the first lecture. He told us to go home and attach a large sheet of paper to the ceiling above each of our beds, tape a pencil to a long st...
It was a stressful day at work for her. A lot of crucial elements of her work all happening simultaneously, plus the normal length of her shift were compounded by written instructions that she followed but in doing so, frustrated someone else. The result of that was the person who thought they sh...
My desk is tucked into a corner of our general office space next to a window where light streams in which makes me happy, and is out of the traffic patterns of most of the office, which makes me even more happy. I get engrossed in my work and am able to focus better, due to the quiet location. I’...
I’ve known about dartboards since I was a child. I’ve tossed a dart or two in my lifetime, so when people would talk about hitting the bullseye, I knew what they meant. I’ve even applauded people for doing just that.  While I was out showing houses recently, however, I got educated a bit more. Th...
  114 W Rutherford Drive, Newark DE 19713 MLS #DENC 488960Available for showings, starting today! This 3-bedroom, 1-and-a-half bath, front-to-back, vinyl and brick split level home features a beautiful kitchen with tile floor, hardwood flooring, a soaring ceiling in the living room, family room, ...
Working into the evening at my office, I heard the voices of a few other people down the hall, some laughter, and a few loud noises. When I left later, my peripheral vision pulled my gaze to the left and I saw one of the office windows covered with cardboard. Closer inspection revealed that the w...

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