We have been out marketing the FHA 203k  loan for quite a while now,  what a great loan program, which really gives you the opportunity to have the funds to update or fix needed repairs on older existing home. I have done a couple of these, and I cannot believe every real estate agent is not usin...
well it seems like years since funding of usda loans, and actually been months, I wonder if they are waiting to add funds just to see who can get other government loans with a little of the borrowers financial commitment. 
not sure how to start the homebuying process,  please contact us and we will get you in the right direction,  Did you know that everytime you go and shop rates or with other banks, you are lowering your credit scores,  wouldn't it be nice to be with a lender that can use your scores to look at al...
In this day and age,  I know that most new homebuyers want to live in a home like mom and dad, but forgot that it had taken years to make it the way it is now or they had to wait to build dream home,  and these homebuyers want a new home. With the 203K loans and some advice and a  little imiginat...
i cannot tell you how livid i am about this sh ort sale and the delay of buying a home like a foreclosure,  I believe we really all have different situations about why we did a short sale,  I have a client that has remodled and rehabed out of his own funds, to try to get payoff (atleast ) on the ...
well what is 2009 going to bring in for you,  I myself belive that it will be a great year in mortgage and real estate,  I believe that interest rates will stay  lower than we have seen in years,  and I also hope that the government gets a grip on the credit card interest rates and gas prices, as...
Has any else had the question of letting Bank of A get so big.  letting them acquire CWBC as well as lehamn now,  boy could that be a giant falling and we thought AIG was big..   I still cannot believe the Securities and Exchange will let this happen...I know its only $$$$$$, but what if we have ...
I am trying to understand why every real estate agent has not been in touch with thier client base,  to explaing the importance of Down Payment Assistance,  I have sent them info to contact their senators and Pres Bush about this, and I really don't think they know the importance of this issue,  ...

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