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Over 26 years experience in Real Estate. Technologically savvy and marketing pro. Blog with the Boomer Babe- Amal (ML) Geots-Lazaris. Target marketing and referrals welcome.
click on Newspaper to view article It says that Bay area home values rose for the first time in four years. It gives all the numbers but states that the bay area is one of the most troubled metros in the country (no kidding?)  The article states that we are back to prices of 2002. Do you think th...
I said I would update you as to what I have learned so far, so here I go. The first thing I have learned is there is such a wealth of information on this site it is almost mind boggeling. This link for getting started is very helpful:
According to news reports, Google is about to cut a deal with Verizon that would end the Internet as we know it by allowing giant corporations to control what websites are load quickly and easily on the Internet and dump everyone else onto an Internet slow lane. I signed a petition urging Google ...
I think this contract has no protection for the Seller. I just had a contract that I wrote last week to close quickly by end of week. The buyer had a home inspection on this 1972 mobile home and it came back very clean. The buyer's wife did not want to buy it so the buyer looked for any reason he...
Just read an interesting article that told me about DocuSign, and electronic signature service that offers realtors a way to send sign and manage accounts. I think it is worth the look. They offer a free trial at:
In the August Issue of Florida Realtor Magazine there was a very interesting article on Short Sales. Here is the short (no pun intended) of it. 1. Short sale is better than Foreclosure. Basically the article said that it depended if the property was primary residence or investment property. If th...
I just read a Florida Realtor survey and if you are a NORMAL Florida Realtor you have at least nine years of experience and a personal website. You did at least 8 transactions in 2009 and are in the following statistics: 81% of Florida Realtors specialize in residential sales two thirds of all Fl...
There was an interesting article Tips to Differentiate Yourself through Value-Added Selling: "To differentiate yourself, you must cite specific benefits that are worth more than the fee difference. Relate a...
- My definition of cold calling since 1986 has been " awaste of time." I have upgraded it since the onset of the Internet to " a total waste of time." Oh, some people make sales cold calling - but not nearly as many as with referrals, by a margin of 50-1. Whatever your thoughts are about cold cal...

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