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      Remember when you were a child and the world seemed so much bigger? Much of that grandeur had to do with our perspective. The average 5 year olds eyes are only a few feet off the ground. They look up and see more sky in their frame of view. This perspective is much more open.   TIP: Take y...
I've always been "online" but I've never been "Mobile" unti now! Lets face it, over the last few years, online marketing is where it has been. After all- we're all here on Active Rain right? Its 2010! time to take the next step, and the next step is in mobile marketing. Although creating video to...
Incredible Values. Great Financing.Unwavering Stability And...A Newly Enacted Federal Tax Credit!*     $8,000 For First-Time Buyers.* $6,500 For Move-Up Buyers.*Low Monthly Payments. Historically Low Interest Rates.Welcoming Families Home for Over 45 Years. THE HOMEBUYER TAX CREDIT AT A GLANCE......
  I wanted to let everyone know that a new online magazine for homeowners is coming to Yardley! http://www.WelcomeToYardley.com We will feature the very best of our community. We hope to launch our first addition this April!
 Here are three free sites my husband and i wanted to share that helped us grow our business.We originally posted this a few weeks ago and it was a big hit - but we accidentally deleted the link so here it is again by popular demand ;)  Thanks for the heads up Tammy! Click the link to view a shor...
Here are three Free web sites that helped me grow my business. View a short multimedia presentation on why I think they would be good for your business too.  Hope you enjoy this short presentation http://linktrack.info/6gg66si   Heather JackmanYardley PA Real Estate
Just about everyone I know in Yardley PA Real Estate Market is trying to save money on home expenses. I just saw this free green printing software on CNN and thought I'd share it with the group for those who missed it....saves, paper, INK!, and carbonpretty cool and it works like a charm   Green ...
I just had buyers who could not get a mortgage because of their credit History and this crazy financial bailout mess we are all in.They were right on the edge of the score that they needed and a new Mortgage brokersuggested a great tool that allowed them to monitor their credit situation and make...
I used to think websites could only be created by computer gurus- Times have changed...If I knew it were as easy as this I would have saved a ton of money. Now I create a site for every listing...my clients love it and it is as easy as it gets....the company has a video and free trial. Here is th...
My husband and I were considering hiring an SEO company to boost our ranking in Google. Then we came across IBP's free SEO ebook which really helped us make sense of how Google works. Here is a free link- It Is VERY GOOD...AND easy to readI was pretty surprised how easy it really is...granted the...

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