Just reported that Las Vegas has topped the 2 million people mark.  In 1981 Vegas had 500,000 people and each month we still get an approximate 6000 people coming a month primarily from California and Arizona.  
For a quick status and update to the larget bridge project in the US right now the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge  now officially named by the United States Congress as the "Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge" (happened a few months back) now has the new cranes inplace and the two major cable...
This started out from a conversation I had with a lender today and it got pretty deep. I'm in Vegas and looking at the top 5 foreclosure states by percentage, Nevada, California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio are at the top. The numbers are pretty high. 2007 3rd Qtr 635,159 total in the nation for fore...
When was the last time that you did one of these?  Do you even know what a drip campaign is and how to set them up?Until a few days ago I knew about them and I had been the receiver of them.  But I hadn't given them much thought until I read an unrealted blog post about sitting open houses.  One ...
You'll see by my profile that I'm an Arizona agent primarily working the outer areas around Las Vegas, Kingman, White Hills, Golden Valley etc... however I'm also a Las Vegas agent. With that I'm always watching, reading and checking out articles and news reports here in Vegas. One of the last re...
Hello everyone, this is the first post of my blog about Mohave County which includes Kingman, Bull Head City and Lake Havasu City Arizona.  As a realtor serving this area there's alot going on and I hope to do my best in providing the information to fellow realtors, investors and land owners.Real...

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