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Do These Things IMMEDIATELY After If You Ever Want To Buy A House Again After A Foreclosure A foreclosure is a hard thing for anybody to face, however, it shouldn't be allowed to slow down your financial wellbeing forever. While having a foreclosure on your credit report will affect your score an...
Have you heard about a reverse mortgage? Here are the answers to your most burning questions. 1. What is a reverse mortgage?A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that homeowners aged 62 or older are able to take out. If you have equity in your home, you qualify! With a reverse mortgage, you're abl...
It's the day until you're set to close on your home and you just got a dreaded call from your lender: They can't finance your home purchase. It sounds like a total nightmare, and it's a situation many want-to-be-borrowers have faced. They have taken weeks of their lender's time, their agent's tim...
The USDA home loan program is an enticing one for sure. With the ability to buy a home for 0% down, many people are rushing to learn more about it. Here are some answers to the most common questions. Q. How do USDA loans differ from other loan programs?A. The USDA is a government agency willing t...
Don't gift a down payment without doing these things first!Buying a home is an expensive process, with affording the down payment definitely being the most difficult part financially. If you have a friend or family member in such a situation and you're interested in helping them out, that can mak...
Single monthly payments for a primary and secondary home IS POSSIBLE. Here's how! Do you own a primary and secondary home? Keeping up with two different mortgage payments each month can be a headache. And, if you take the risk of forgetting and one becomes late, it can have serious consequences o...
Buying a home? Here's what your lender is going to need to see first. PROOF AND SOURCES OF INCOMENo one is going to loan you hundreds of thousands of dollars without first being certain that you have the means to repay it. That is why lenders are always going to ask to see your sources of income ...
Which of these misconceptions have you believed in?Most people walk into the home buying process full of excitement and, by the time closing rolls around, they're exhausted and just ready to plop down relieved into their new home. If you walk in with realistic expectations, though, you can make t...
Many people today are excited about the chance to purchase their own home. However, putting down 20% can be hard to swallow for many hard-working Americans. So, instead, they are turning to lower down payment options so that they can get into their own home faster. Programs like the FHA home loan...
Most borrowers are looking at preowned homes. Even if new buildings are popular in your area, lot size, location, and price can all lead you to choosing a preowned home instead. But what should you be looking for? Here are some tips to help you through the process. #1 Windshield Shop To Target Ho...

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