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Good afternoon everyone-I was going thru my pics I took in Colorado. I took so many and it was fun going back and looking at them all. It was like being there all over again. I took a lot of the Denver Botanical gardens which I shared in this post.  There were so many that I will be doing a part ...
Good Tuesday afternoon everyone-I did something unusual yesterday which isn't really a big deal but it was something out of the ordinary for me. I did it as a treat for myself after raking up 6 bags of leaves yesterday and take them to the dump along with the 3 from the day before. I decided to g...
Good Monday morning everyone-Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 60's. and I went out in the yard to start Spring clean up.  This is one of the things I did. 3 bags of leaves Now as we all know an extra set of hands always helps get things done quicker and easier but since I don...
Good Sunday morning everyone--Last Aug/Sept I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens in Colorado with Sondra Meyer and Dale Poll. It was a gorgeous place all by itself but add the Chihuly exhibit and it gave it a whole different beauty. They are glass sculptures which were stunning. I took LOTS of ...
Good morning everyone-I get these videos delivered to my e-mail daily and while I don't always watch them right away this one I did and I even watched it a second time. Now the song she is singing is in English so you know what she is singing but the conversations aren't but you will get the mess...
Good morning everyone-As some of you know I deal with widespread ongoing chronic pain and have for many years. While I have had regular chiropractic care for at least 20 yrs I didn't have regular massage until 4 yrs ago. I started going to a lady named Beulah who owns and operates Rustburg Therap...
Good afternoon everyone-One of the things that I did when I visited Colorado last year was attend a balloon fest. I went with Sondra Meyer and Dale Poll. It was early morning and we got there before the sun was up as the balloons were going to be going up by dawn. It is the first time that I have...
Good morning everyone-My grandma, my Mom's Mom birthday is today. She was born Feb 3. 1907 in Evington Va not far from where Mom and I live now. She lives in what they called the back woods of Virginia.  She was what they refer to as a mail order bride.  I know they have arranged marriages in the...
Good morning everyone-Unless you live under a rock which for me most times is true you heard something about delated balls. I did read a blog about it and there was a blog with a video actually 2 but someone wasn't fast enough to get their video posted first.Ha Ha you know who. I don't know the w...


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