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HAPPY 2016 EVERYONE CLICK on the link above for a  2016 greeting for you.  Thank you for being a special  part of my 2015.  Your friend Sharon Lee
Merry Christmas everyone-Hope your day is filled laughter. love and unexpected surprises. I had an unexpected surprise in November with my trip to Pigeon Forge. I got to feed Rudolph at the zoo before his trip last night, see the rest of the team in the sky on their way(well the ceiling anyways) ...
Good morning everyone-Christmas is nearly upon us. For some it is a wonderful time with family, lots of folks decorate for the holidays. I don't really do that anymore. I love seeing Christmas lights and decorations though but just don't want to bother doing the work to have it done here at home....
So ladies and gentlemen that begs the question WHAT have you been THIS YEARAN ANGELOR HAVE YOU BEEN A LITTLE DICKENSOR JUST OUTRIGHT NAUGHTYWell even if you don't fess up here it doesn't matter because Santa has been watching and he knows who has been naughty or nice. Now I do know the answer to ...
Good evening everyone- Debbie Laity is having a contest this month about showing your home for the holidays. I am not one to decorate for the holidays. too lazy I guess. This year I did do the star shower in the bedroom and also did the side of my woman cave and the big maple out front. While the...
Good morning everyone-On my last day in Pigeon Forge I visited this swinging bridge which is actually located in the neighboring town of Sevierville on Foxfire Mtn.  I had seen it online and wanted to visit there. It is the longest bridge in the U.S. spanning over 400' in length. Now I missed alm...
Good afternoon everyone-There was tons of brochures of things to do in Pigeon Forge and I did quite a few things. I had done a lot of research ahead of time but then find more things from the brochures everywhere you went.I had seen this on the morning news one day on one of my other trips. It lo...
Hello everyone on my last day I spent 12 hrs exploring as much as I possibly could and squeezing every last bit of fun I could. One of the places I visited was this exotic petting zoo. You could buy food for the different animals. Now I have fed a number of different kinds at Natural Bridge in Va...
Hello everyone-Now you all think I just went to Pigeon Forge last month. Well surprise, surprise I also went to Margaritaville, sampled Tennesee moonshine(maybe), even visited the Forbidden Caverns where the indians stayed and the moonshiners made their moonshine. I even saw the remants of their ...
Good morning everyone-On my adventure to pigeon Forge last month I had many different up close encounters with a host of birds that I have never seen before. One was this very large owl. I took a number of pics of him on a couple different settings plus I was trying to get him to look at me. What...

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