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Good Friday afternoon-A few days ago a pkg arrived of something I was excited to try out so last night I set it up and waited for it to get dark. It was so cool. It felt like I was in a beautiful galaxy of my very own right in my own bedroom.  Now all I need is the planets hanging from the ceilin...
Good morning everyone-We had our first frost of the Fall about a week ago. So most all of the annuals and perennials are dead so yesterday when I was working outside in the garden since it was a beautiful day I saw two colorful surprises. The first one is on one of my hibiscus while you will see ...
Good morning everyone-These is another group of pictures from my visit to Hershey Gardens. When I read that Hershey Gardens started out as a 3.5 acres rose garden I understand why and the rose garden was the first thing you see as you come into the gardens. One of the things that struck me was th...
Hello everyone-In September as part of my trip I went to the Hershey Gardens in Hershey PA. What a beautiful place. It is a 23 acre garden. It first opened in June 1937 as a 3.5 acre rose garden.  Milton Hershey added more gardens over the years. This time of years Mum's are popular. They had a s...
Good morning everyone-Join me in wishing Gary Woltal a happy birthday. He has been a member of Active Rain since Oct 2007.  He writes inspirational, thought provoking, and humorous blogs.  He is a person that loves animals especially dogs. He is a avid runner, loves to play basketball, ping pong,...
Active Rain has another 2 million point member. The wonderful and talented Michael Thornton . I thoroughly enjoy Michael's posts and if you aren't subscribed to his blog you are missing out on some incredible wisdom and deep thoughts as well as beautiful photos. CONGRATS Michael      29 September...

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