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Good morning everyone-I have some shrubs that are blooming in my garden for the summer.  I have several of them in different locations. They are Hibiscus. In addition to the purple ones which I have more of I also have a pink. one and a wht with maroon edges. That should be in bloom soon. My butt...
Good morning everyone-Other than the rescue animals and the 2 rides I went on at Busch Gardens one of the things I loved. (NO SURPRISE) is the beautiful landscaping. Here are a few photos I took.  I should have their landscapers in my garden. Wouldn't that be nice. Then it might be Virginia's #1 ...
Good morning everyone-On my trip in May one of the places I visited was Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. I had a great time and it was a beautiful place. I learned something while I was there and it was their commitment to rescue animals. I watched a Pet Shenigans programs with rescue cats. dogs, a...
     Good evening everyone-I snapped this photo while on a cruise  in Chincoteague Island Va. It is located on the Va side of Assateague Island. The original lighthouse was constructed here in 1833 at a cost of approximately $55,000.      In 1860, construction on a taller, more powerfully illumin...
Good Thursday morning( now afternoon) everyone-My brother visited for a few days and he called my bird sanctuary/garden a JUNGLE and told me I needed to wear a neon colored shirt to be found. I can't imagine why he would think that. LOL.  After all it is just a little garden. A half acre is littl...
Good morning everyone-Now this a day I can get behind easily and do. HUG YOUR CAT DAY. Trust me Shadow makes sure she gets her hugs and loving from her Mom.  She is a VERY loving and affectionate cat and has come so far from the scaredy cat kitty of 3 yrs ago.She has a rather PUSHY side so she is...
Good morning everyone-Chincoteague Va is famous for the ponies. It was the reason I decided to visit there. Originally I had planned on going in July for the pony swim but I have heard that there can be 10,000 people that come to that so I opted to pass on that for this yr. They have places that ...

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