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Good Sunday morning everyone-As some of you know I took a trip last week and one of the places I visited was Chincoteague Va. Chincotrague is about 5.5 hrs from where I live. It is well known for the ponies on the island. They have a pony swim each July and people are able to buy some of the poni...
Good evening everyone-I arrived in Ocean City last night about 7 pm so today was my first full day here, I was excited about the promise of what the day had in store. I woke up at 6 am. Had a breakfast and headed out to the boardwalk. At that point I had no idea how long the boardwalk was. I foun...
 A pic of the speedboat I went on earlier at Va BeachI got to see several dolphins and the view was incredible. It was an hour of pure delight and fun. A view of the water and lighthouse This evening a view from my private balcony in Ocean City Md Tomorrow morning a walk on that beach. Not sure w...
Have a safe Memorial Day as you travel and enjoy time with family and friends but we must NOT forget what this day is all about.
Good evening everyone-On this eve of my birthday I feel blessed to be witnessing the birth and the rapid growth of and the constant feeding by their parents of 4 baby robins. I first posted on 4/22/2015 that Mama robin had laid 4 eggs and then again on 5/3/2015 that they were born and I witnessed...
Good evening everyone-I hope all you Mothers had a wonderful day.  Now I am a momma to a four footed baby kitty named Shadow. Now I am sure many of you mothers got flowers for Mothers Day but since I don't allow Shadow to have a purse and spend my money I had to enjoy flowers a different way than...
Happy Friday everyone-The baby robins are growing. They now have a bit more feathers or fur at this stage. Looks more like fur right now vs feathers.  All 4 are hatched. I watched them the first time they got fed after they had and have seen them get fed a few times after that. It is funny to see...
Hello everyone-Close to two weeks ago I did a blog about a robin laying 4 eggs in a tree crotch only about 3' off the ground.I didn't know how long before they would take to hatch. A very short 2 weeks later and so far two of them have hatched. When I peeked in the first time there was one hatche...
Good morning everyone-I have to wonder where they come up with these interesting holiday's.Now most of you know I am an avid gardener but I had NO idea they had a World Naked Gardening Day til yesterday when I happened to catch an article about it on the web.  I can imagine there will be some fol...


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